VP Buildings

Curtiss-Manes-Schulte, an authorized VP Builder (Varco-Pruden), is a leader in the central-Missouri area pre-engineered building market. We chose to partner with VP Buildings, a BlueScope Steel Company, because VP is arguably the nation’s leading manufacturer of pre-engineered building systems. Each year VP Buildings manufactures thousands of buildings out of its six strategically located manufacturing and service centers located here in the United States.

Curtiss-Manes-Schulte specializes in the computer-aided design of VP pre-engineered building systems. Working closely with architects and engineers, we offer buildings that combine extraordinary esthetic appeal with optimum functionality. Using the most advanced computer system in the industry, VP Command, we are able to reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure, provide approval drawings, and efficiently process the building through manufacturing. Each of these processes is done in-house by the same highly trained person, which allows Curtiss-Manes-Schulte the ability to offer an unmatched understanding of your project.

As a VP Builder, we are focused on providing our customers the facility they need in a comprehensive, timely, and high quality manner. Backed by VP’s advanced design capabilities and quality products, Curtiss-Manes-Schulte can offer its customers unsurpassed performance in the construction of their building projects.